Pixie Prom Dates?

Hey there my Flutterific Pixies! It’s me, Primrose. 😀

So, I wanted to make this post, about the dates for the Pixie Prom 2017. Of course, Gwyn and I normally pick the dates/theme. However I’ve been thinking it’ll maybe be better if you guys comment when is easiest to attend it for you. The date most voted for (Month/Day) will be most likely chosen, or days picked around that time. As for the theme, some of you voted, Seasonal, Vintage & Animal themed as well. Hard to pick isn’t it? :3 Hmm. Well, do us a favor and leave a comment on my LAST post where I asked you guys what theme you want. However while your at it. Leave a comment on this post letting me know what kind of time for the Pixie Prom 2017 fits your schedule the best. We’ll try our best to make it fit all pixies! Also, this Pixie Prom may not be hosted on Worlize. Gwyn and I have been discussing if its easier for Pixies to play on Fairy.ABC! 🙂 So take your vote now, and don’t delay in letting us know what your opinion is! 🙂 ❤

Fly with you later my Flutterific Pixies!

Pixie Prom Ideas {2017}

Hey my Flutterific Pixies, it’s me Primrose!

So the reason why I’m posting this, is because I’ve been thinking. Every year Gwyn and I, both host the Pixie Prom as you probably already know,  we come up with theme. So, I was wondering you guys could do us a huge favor for this year? If you guys can comment on both our blogs for what theme you guys would like that would be a huge help! The most requested will MOST likely be chosen as the theme for the Pixie Prom!

Some of my ideas:

*~Classical Ballroom~*

{~}Winter Festival{~}

&*& Seasonal Feast &*& {You can dress up as a Autumn fairy, Winter, Summery fairy, Spring Fairy}

^v Vintage Ball v^

() Nature/River Ball ()

% Animal Themed Ball %

Have a Flutterific day! Fly with you later, my Flutterific Pixies!

Primrose’s Monthly Updates? :o

Hey there, my Flutterific Pixies! It’s Primrose.

The reason why I’m back today, is because I want to try make at least 1 or 2 posts a month. I’ve made sure to write it down in my notes not to forget. Recently my baby cousin was born, so he’s been quite the distraction. Now, while I don’t normally post too, much about my life. I thought I’d give you the reason for it. 🙂 But now I will at least posting once or twice every month. 🙂 That’s it for now though Pixies.

Fly with you later, my FLUTTERIFIC pixies! ❤

Primrose is back!

Hey there my Flutterific Pixies,

A little while back I’m pretty sure I made a post saying that I’d been super busy! And I have been up until now, luckily however I have a bit of time through-out my week to make a couple of posts! Possibly even other weeks, but I FIRST OFF, want to give a huge -*~THANK YOU~* To, CozySparksFantasy for Nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award, I know this post is late and the award WAS already given to CozySparksFantasy (Which may I add has wonderful posts…-PSST Go check em out! https://cozysparksfantasy.wordpress.com/ )

Now that I got that said, I wanted to also say I would have TOTALLY, nominated you back however I’m sort of new to the whole, blogging thing! Especially because I don’t use it too much. But however, all that aside, I’m not entirely sure WHO, won or if anyone won! But if they did I want to give them a big congratulations! 🙂 *~CONGRATS!~*

Now, that’s all I have to say for now but I promise to try and upload more. Things in my life have been difficult! But anyway,

Fly with you later my Flutterific Pixies and remember, have a Fluttering day!

Updated On The Fest!

01eb2dad74abefc0e2720cd57703564f5458ec8b3de19359c3pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Hey my FLUTTERIFIC PIXIES! 😀 It’s Primrose Gwyn and I have a couple updates for the moon fest. This is the OFFICAL POSTER! 😀 We’ve already finished the refreshments room, (The Best Part WITHOUT A DOUBT) So, yeah! GET EXCITED PIXIES THERES A LOT MORE TO COME YOUR WAY!!! ❤

Plans have changed!

Hey my Flutterific Pixies. It’s Primrose!

So the Enchanted Hollows Moon Fest is going to be pushed back to the 4th of March and the 5th possibly the 6th incase of pixie schedules. HOWEVER! It’s still going to be for 8:00PM EST. Ok well thats it my Flutterific Pixies! FLY with you later.

The Enchanted Hollows Moon Fest (EXTRA SPOILERS)

Hey there my flutterific PIXIES! It’s Primrose….

So, today I wanted to update you to tell you all that the Fest prep is coming along great. Tomorrow (7/02/2017), I will be working extra hard for decorations ect. I’m super excited for this, I can’t wait for you guys to see all the hard work put into this, especially Gwyn, she’s been a huge help. And also is a great friend to have with you. 🙂

OK Well.. TIME FOR THE SPOILERS! The moon fest will be under the stars, we decided to set it in the woods. OK That’s it! No more spoilers here! x3

Fly with you later my flutterific pixies!